Junie B. Jones The Musical, JR auditions
AssemblyACT and the Patrons of the Assembly are excited to bring this opportunity for young local actors. Age range 8-16.

Join us February 10th and 11th, 2020 at The Assembly Theatre, 26 East Ave, Harrisville, RI 02830. Auditions begin at 6:30 but please plan to arrive at 6 when doors open. Attendance is required only one night of auditions so please choose what works best for your family.

Those auditioning should prepare no more than 32 bars from a song of their choosing. Songs from the show are acceptable. Please plan to sing acapella or bring a track on a phone, iPod or iPad.

Following vocal auditions there will be a brief dance audition and scene readings.

Rehearsals begin 2/24 and will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings from 6:15-8:45pm. Tech week begins 5/11-5/14.

Conflicts for tech week need to be approved by directors.

Performances will be 5/15 7pm and 5/16 7pm with possible matinee on 5/16 or 5/17 depending on interest in the show.  ***Potential school time show 5/14.***

There is a $100 production fee associated with this experience. For families with more than one actor in the show each sibling will cost $75.  For families with significant financial hardships please email the director. Scholarships will be awarded on a case by case basis.

Questions can be emailed to AssemblyACT@gmail.com

Available Roles

Junie B. Jones is a spunky, intelligent girl who is starting the first grade as our show begins. Determined and a bit impulsive, Junie B. finds herself at the center of many classroom antics. Cast an experienced actor with a strong singing voice and excellent comedic timing. Your actor must be able to balance Junie B.’s charm and precociousness so the audience cheers for her right from the start.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: Ab3-E5

Daddy is Junie B.’s encouraging father who always looks on the bright side. Look for an actor who can comfortably portray an adult figure in a world full of young school kids. Daddy sings a song with Junie B. and Mother, so find a performer with a nice voice who can portray Daddy’s kind heart.
Gender: Male
Vocal range: A2-D4

Mother is Junie B.’s no-nonsense mom. She can be tough on Junie B., but it is all out of love. As with Daddy, find a performer who can play a more mature person. Mother is a perfect role for someone with a good voice who can portray a supportive parent.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: A3-D5

Lucille is Junie B.’s former best friend who has moved on to new friendships. Poised, put together, and probably a bit spoiled, Lucille controls and plans everything she does – quite the opposite of Junie B.’s bold impulsiveness. Cast a strong singer and confident actor in this role.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: F3-C#5

Lucille’s new best friends, Camille and Chenille are twins. Just like Lucille, they are well dressed and very composed. These two roles are great for performers with bright energy who are also good singers. Remember, the actors playing Camille and Chenille don’t have to look exactly alike – so long as they are wearing matching costumes, the audience will get the idea.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: Bb3-C5

Grace is another one of Junie B.’s former best friends. She is not as calculated as Lucille, she has simply made new friends apart from Junie B. This is a perfect role for a young performer who can portray a kind and laid-back character and has a good voice.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: C4-C5

Mr. Woo is the supervisor on the school bus. This featured role is great for an actor with a commanding speaking voice as he is in charge of corralling the Kids on Bus.
Gender: Male

Bobbi Jean Piper is Grace’s new friend. Bobbi Jean happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and unintentionally ends up on Junie B.’s bad side. This is a nice cameo role for a new performer.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: B3-G4

Herb is Junie B.’s new best friend. An endlessly kind and charming little boy, Herb easily balances out Junie B.’s more demanding side. Find a performer who has great chemistry with Junie B. Herb should be one of your stronger singers and a very likeable actor.
Gender: Male
Vocal range: A3-D5

May is the teacher’s pet. Eager to prove her brilliance, May does not prioritize making friends with any of her classmates, and they do not mind. Cast a performer who can tap into the humor and confidence of this vibrant role.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: C4-C5

Lennie and José are classmates and friends of Junie B. and Herb. These two roles are good features for actors with good energy and nice voices.
Gender: Male
Vocal range: A3-C5

Mr. Scary is the Room One teacher. Unlike his name suggests, Mr. Scary is a supportive and encouraging teacher. This is a perfect role to showcase a mature and energetic actor. Though he has a few short singing lines, they could easily be spoken if the actor isn’t a strong singer.
Gender: Male
Vocal range: Bb2-Bb3

Sheldon is definitely not the most popular kid in class. Plagued by a myriad of allergies and a general clumsiness, Sheldon’s good intentions often end in disaster. Cast a great singer who can bring out the nerdy charm in this endearing role.
Gender: Male
Vocal range: B2-E4

Shirley is a featured soloist in a few of the School Kids’ songs. This is perfect introductory role for a great singer who is new to acting.
Gender: Female
Vocal range: B3-C5

Mrs. Gutzman is the sweet old lunch lady, revered by all of the School Kids. Cast a mature performer who can capture her warm, grandmotherly nature. Mrs. Gutzman does not have to sing, so this is a great opportunity for a strong actor.
Gender: Female

The Ensemble consists of Tickle the dog, the School Kids, Lunch Student 1, Kids on Bus, Student 1, Student 2, Student 3, Student 4, Student 5, Lunch Server and Cheerleaders. These are great roles for anyone who wants to be involved in the production!
Gender: Both

Monday, February 10, 2020
6:00 pm — 8:30 pm (2h 30′)

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